1. Flusol comes with one, two and three dimensional mesh generator.  The two dimensional axisymmetric  mesh can also be swept around the axis line to create three dimensional mesh with arbitrary numbers of wings-body combinations.

2. Flusol mesh translation tool (cvrt.exe) can convert Nastran and HyperMesh CFD model (mesh) file into FluSol CFD model file. Initial and boundary conditions defined on the surface mesh will be also converted into FluSol initial and boundary conditions automatically.


The translation tool (cvrt.exe) can convert FluSol CFD model and result files into Nastran, HyperMesh, EnSight and  GMSH model and result file formats for post-processing.

 FluSol Grahhics User Interface


Download FluSol Results and Post-Processing

4. Download results files for post-processing (42 MB).(2009/02/03)