Procedures to run FluSol

 1. Download executables and verification problems.

FluSol had been tested on the Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Media Center and Windows Vista operation systems to create validation CFD models and results. To run the FluSol program you must have the executable file flusol.exe and the license file esdc96.blk. FluSol.exe is included in the file. Download and unzip to create a folder c:\esdc.

2. Launch FluSol:

To launch FluSol ,  double click the  setup.bat file from c:/esdc/setup.bat or the FluSol icon .

Note: you can try the post-processing:

 Post-Processing --> Gas-1.vrf --> AX --> c20-circular-arc-cylinder-flar-projectile --> 2008-03-22-gui --> mach.pos --> Mach number contour

4. To Obtain A License File

 The license file locks on your computerís Ethernet address ex. 00-13-d3-05-f3-55. After the license file was issued, any changes in Ethernet card will cause Flusol stop to run. To get the Ethernet address from your computer, just download the file and double click the hostid.exe. Then it will create a system.txt file, under the current directory, which will contain your computerís Ethernet address. Email the system.txt to for license file.  You donít need internet connection to run FluSol. The Ethernet address is just for license checking.

 5. Generate CFD Mesh (Model) and Run Solver: New Graphics User Interface

Double click c:/esdc/setup.bat




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